The sit stand desk provides many different height levels for people to work at.
To activate the control system, touch the ‘—‘ screen, then press and hold ‘M’ for 3 seconds. The desk has a control panel which consists of different buttons to control the desk. The up and down key on the control panel allows people to change the height of the desk to suit them. The up key lifts the desk up allowing people to stand whilst working and the down key allows people to sit and work at the perfect height. The ‘T’ button is a timer designed to set a period of time to switch the height of the desk. This benefits those who have been standing for a long period of time and reminds them to sit down. The minimum time is half an hour and the maximum is 2 hrs. The memory setting is accessed through the ‘M’ on the control panel. By pressing the ‘M’ button and then the ‘S-‘ which appears on the display, you can adjust your desired position and set it to either number 1,2 or 3 which are located by the up and down keys. The 3 numbers allow you to allocate 3 chosen suitable positions. The desk has different modes; protective standby mode, power-saving mode and reset mode. To turn on standby mode press and hold the ‘M’ button for 3 seconds and to turn it off you do the same. Protective standby mode automatically comes on after no operation for a minute. The system will enter power-saving mode after 10 minutes of no movement. Power-saving mode saves the battery from draining.