The Velos product family offer four models in the range. The three backrest heights, two types armrests and two types of upholstery to meet different needs and budgets in the workplace.All the part of the chair have been designed taking into account a double requirement: the use of recycled material and the recovery of a large percentage of the component parts. At the end of its cycle, each Velos component can be economically separated and recycled
Backrest Height: medium backrest with headrest, medium backrest and low backrest. All comes with our charcoal color back cover.
Armrest: standard or soft PU foam pad with three dimensionally adjustable or non adjustable fixed armrest.
Type of upholstery: seat and backrest covered in leather or synthetic covering for premium model or seat covered with fabric and backrest covered with the mesh fabric for standard model.
Mechanism: standard advanced Synchro mechanism provides Side Tilt tension control, multi-position Tilt lock, and pneumatic seat height control.